Watch your virtual chart briefing

We have prepared this chart briefing for all our bareboat guests at the base, with detailed information on base procedures, how to get here, what to prepare, what to expect, and how easiest to navigate the busy Croatian waters!


On-base advisement

We are still doing regular consultations at the base for all our guests who have viewed the full briefing! They are held on Saturdays at 11.00, 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00, and Sundays at 10.00 and can also be individually arranged upon arrival. We make sure to highlight the expected weather conditions and advise you on your route based on that. We also provide you with a list of useful contacts for the region you choose to visit so you can make bookings in time. 


How to watch this video

The briefing must be watched by all guests who are acting as crew members before arrival at the marina, as failure to watch in its entirety could delay your boat from leaving the dock.

  • To begin watching the video, please click on the play button below.
  • You will then be asked to enter the email address you used to make the booking, along with the booking reference number.
  • Please tick the box at the bottom of the form to submit confirmation that you are ready to watch your chart briefing.
  • The video will then begin to play
  • Please also forward the link for this video to all members of your party who are planning to act as crew members during your trip

Please note that you must watch the video in its entirety.


Part One
Introduction and Base Facilities, Region Regulations, and How to prepare for charter
00:00 Intro
02:17 Before you arrive
03:17 When you arrive and base operation
14:46 Fueling option and stations
17:34 While you are out - contact numbers and VHF
18:10 Sailing back to the base
20:22 Weather in Croatia
Part Two - 30.31
Red Zones and First Night Ideas (Trogir town, Čiovo island, Šolta island, Drvenik islands, West side of Brač island, Rogoznica town)
30:34 Red Zones
31:58 First night on anchor
35:52 First night with reservations
Part Three - 43:15
Part Three- North region: Mainland North from Marina town, Šibenik archipelago, Šibenik mainland incl. Skradin town and Krka waterfalls national park, Kornati national park archipelago 
43:15 Destinations to the North from the Base
43:46 Šibenik archipelago, and mainland
53:10 Šibenik entrance
55:19 Skradin town and Krka waterfalls
56:58 Mainland around Šibenik
59:02 Kornati and Telaščica National parks
1:03:40 Exiting the parks
Part Four - 1.05.20
Part Four- South Region (Šolta island recap, Brač island, Hvar island, Šćedro island, Vis island, Korčula island)
1.05.20 Destinations to the South from the base
1.05.35 Šolta recap
1.07.47 Brač island
1.15.32 Hvar island
1.26.35 Šćedro island
1.27.12 Vis island
1.34.50 Korčula island
1.39.03 Pelješac peninsula North
Part Five - 1.40.07
Part Five- South Region for two weeks or reachable with a Power Catamaran
1.40.07 Destinations further South overview
1.40.23  Lastovo
1.43.25  Mljet
1.48.00  Pelješac – Ston and Slano mainland
1.50.04 Elaphiti islands
1.51.52 Dubrovnik
1.55.46 Thank you & Outro

Length of Video: 51:27

About Virtual Briefings

Spend less time at the marina by watching your mandatory briefings online in advance. On the day you arrive, our base staff will answer questions you should have and ensure you understand the sailing area and yacht operation before you set sail. If you have not watched all of your briefing videos in advance, you will be required to watch these videos or attend an in-person briefing meeting at the base.

You will receive separate emails from Sunsail containing a link to your safety briefing, chart briefing, and yacht briefing. Please forward these emails to your first mate and crew, so they can become familiar with important safety information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what we are frequently asked after the briefing is watched. We are still more than happy to help with your questions as they arise: 

How can I make a reservation for my boat? 

Check out our video around minute 22 again - it is the most important part where we explain it in detail. The biggest thing to understand is that dockage in Croatia means mostly town quays, which are officially non-reservable, first-come first-served facilities. So you cannot make a plan to go to Hvar, Stari Grad, or Vis and make a reservation. The most one can hope for is using the contacts we provide, calling the harbor masters a day in advance, and agreeing if they will maybe save a spot. For marina berths, it is easy to make a reservation online, either via their own websites, with MySea app, or for ACI marinas - their own app. Names of the vessels and codes are given to guests upon boarding, and we are happy to do additional advisement on the consultations at the base.  For everybody that has a skipper on board - we are happy to connect you with your skipper a week in advance, but mostly he can take care of everything once you meet upon arrival, just prepare a list of your favorite things you'd like to do. 

For those guests that are visiting in shoulder season - planning is best done in line with the weather forecast. We are happy to inform you of the places which are maybe open/closed around the islands. 

What type of coffee maker do I have? 

Sunsail boats have plungers on board, while The Moorings yachts will have a filtered coffee machine ready. 

How about shops? 

We suggest doing most of your shopping before sailing out, but generally, every town on an island has a shop. 

How much will I pay for the berth? 

Prices around Croatian islands depend on multiple factors: time of the year, size of the boat, type of the boat, type of mooring, and the place itself. We tried as much as we could to give you basic guidelines, so check out our eGuide and video information. The town quays around the biggest islands are under Split jurisdiction, from Korčula to the south is under Dubrovnik, and the northern islands are under Šibenik. Each of them has a uniform pricelist for their docks, and then the town itself adds an amount for rubbish, water, and electricity. The amounts are not separable, and as soon as one uses the town quay, one is paying for the combined amount. Prices here are really dependent on the government and can vary between 20 Eur in April for small monohulls to 200 Eur in August for catamarans. 

Prices for private marinas are easy to find out - we linked their websites to our eGuide, so best is to go directly to their price lists to get most accurate information. Pay attention to price lists, as the prices listed are for monohulls, catamarans are always 100 percent more expensive. 

How difficult is it to do a Stern-to Med mooring with lazy lines?

In our mind - not at all! But don't worry, we understand it can be a bit confusing the first time around. We are more than happy to give you more advice once you arrive while you are doing your boat briefing, and you can also take a peek at our How To video on that, just click on the link below.

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